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10 Best Foods to Fight With Stress and Anxiety


Stress Food

Stress which is a common term in our daily life as we all aware or suffer from it at somehow or somewhere. The main thing is that you can fight it rather than to escape from it. Before going further, you should understand the stress; what is it actually, causes, symptoms, and effects on your body. Once you understand the problem of stress or above-given terms, it had better for you to understand further its management that how can you manage your stress and get free from it. There are different ways through which you can reverse your anger, tension, depression or anxiety easily including yoga, stress management method and your diet. Let’s start with diet or foods which are boon to your health or really act as the stress buster.



It is edible and sweet fruit in taste and packed with several important nutrients such as sodium, potassium, riboflavin, niacin, and iron. The interesting fact about banana is that it contains starch when in unripe form but when it changes into yellow or leaves its unripe form, starch gets converted into sugar. With all these facts, banana is a good source of fiber. It is helpful to reduce the stress because of its nutritional value which contains potassium lower the blood pressure while calming your anxiety and depression.

Stress Food, Banana










Bottle Gourd

This vegetable is known by different names like the calabash, white-flowered gourd, and long melon also. Bottle gourd has enormous benefits for our overall body’s health such as curing heart problem, weight loss, graying of hair, insomnia and many more. In respect of stress and depression, it had better include bottle gourd in your daily diet. Insomnia is a kind of depression and anxiety which can be treated with bottle gourd because it provides the cooling effect to the body, lower the blood pressure in case if high and act as a neurotransmitter to improve the function of the brain.

Stress Food, Bottle gourd











It is also known as aamla pure or massive source of vitamin c. Vitamin c encounters the types of stress, anxiety, depression, and insomnia by relaxing the capillary and blood vessels very well. Often many types of massage oils for head contain aamla or vitamin c so of to relax the head in respect of a headache, insomnia, and depression. Expert says one or two aamla is enough for daily requirement of vitamin c.

Stress Food, Gooseberry










Aloe Vera

It is known for many therapeutic properties and healing properties. Aloe Vera acts as stellar for detoxification of body as well as the mind. It is great to deal with digestive problems so of used by many people for last decades. It has excellent soothing property for your mind that helps to reduce the stress and depression. Although many people still are not aware of its amazing properties, last few years its demand has been increasing in market day by day so of easily available now.

Stress Food, Aloe Vera










It is very delicious fruit rich in vitamin A, C, and E with antioxidants properties. Now if confusion is still there with its name, it is also called chiku, sapota in Telugu, sapeta in Bengali and Zapota in Latin. Further reading if you think that What makes it good to include in your diet that depends upon its sedative property which is act as a good reliever for stress and depression. Thus, it is best recommended for those who are suffering from depression, anxiety, insomnia, and stress.

Stress Food, Chikoo, Sepota











It is considered a good source of vitamin C, A, potassium, antioxidants, and fibers to lead a fight with oxidative stress, depression, insomnia, and anxiety. Papaya is known for its vitamin C which always keeps our immune system strong that is weakened due to exposure to stress and also reduces the level of cortisol that is responsible for stress enhancements.

Stress Food, Papaya










It is green leafy veggie rich in vitamin A, C, K and folate (B-complex) which has the ability to reduce the level of feeling stress and anxiety. It is also a good diet for diabetes and patient with heart problems.

Stress Food, Asparagus










Moong dal

It is used for weight balance, digestion, diabetes and high blood pressure. It is also a source of vitamin A and C thus, helping stress out and other skin or hair problems.

Stress Food, Moong dal












It is rich in nutrients like vitamin C, A and sulfur which are required to fight oxidative stress. It helps the liver to detoxify the stress hormone and thus reduce the feeling of stress. Cabbage should be consumed in cooked form because of its interference with thyroid function if not cooked or raw.

Stress Food, Cabbage











It is also a stress buster vegetable and acts as same as cabbage. Broccoli has folic acid which acts as a stress buster and makes immune system strong.

Stress Food, Broccoli

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