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10 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Diabetes means-you are restricted for high calories diet. Balancing your diet during diabetic period is important for its cure. Only insulin is not always a choice but along with insulin, lifestyle changes, yoga , meditation and diet plan are best remedy for diabetes. People always get scared when they hear that they have diabetes but with proper curative management of diabetes, you can have your life without any fear.

There are many good foods for diabetes as well as bad foods. Sometimes, it is very tricky to find out or differentiate between bad and good chain of foods, not always healthy foods sounds healthy but can havoc your overall health. Here we have picked 10 worst foods to make you aware of them. Let’s start with first…

White Bread

WhitWhite Bread | Avoid in diabetese bread made up of wheat flour and contains 265 calories per 100g. Bread easily available in the market and make your stomach full during your breakfast. Actually, white bread present in refined starchy form- pasta, white rice, which are not whole grain and has high content or index of glycemic mix. When you eat bread, it forms lot of sugar spikes which can easily mix your blood or increase your blood sugar level.





Pastries| Avoid in diabetesPastry is dough of flour and contains 551 calories per 100g. You should know that these are highly processed sweets and contain trans fats. They are not good for diabetic person as contain high saturated fat and added sugar which can increase the level of sugar in the blood. So next time, try to avoid them or if you are lover of them, then make healthy pastry with less carb, gluten free and no added sugar at home.


Pig Ferret

Pig Ferret is knPig Ferret | Avoid in diabetesown as Bacon and contains 541 calories per 100g. Bacon is meat from the back and sides of pig, eaten fried in thin slices or sandwich. It is very high in calories and less in dietary fibers which are not digestible for diabetic person. In addition, fatty and marbled pieces or slices of meat contain massive amount of saturated fats and will increase the inflammation and side effects on your body while diabetic person already traveled from heart and kidney disease.




Whole Milk

In diabetes, saturated fats interfere with insulin and Whole Milk | Avoid in diabeteslead to insulin resistance. The researchers concluded that, a high diet of saturated fat present in milk so obvious doesn’t suitable for diabetic person. Also, lactose is natural sugar and carbohydrates which are present in milk. But choice of milk depend upon your daily carbohydrates intake. The American Diabetes Association (ADA) recommend taking between 45 and 60 grams of carbohydrate per meal while milk has 12 grams of carbohydrates in an 8-ounce. So, if you like to take milk, you have to cut out extra carbohydrates from your next meal.



French Fries

FrFrench Fries | Avoid in diabetesench Fries is not good choice for diabetes because they contain high content of carbohydrates and starch which cause your blood glucose to high up. Also, they are in oily form and deep fried so accumulated with trans fats which can incite your cholesterol level and ultimately risk of heart disease or problem.





Potatoes | Avoid in diabetesPotatoes are rich in starch and carbohydrates, contain 77 g of calories per 100g. There can be much worst thing happened if you eat potatoes in diabetes. The reason is as simple as that potatoes have high glycemic index which can increase the level of glucose in the blood. But if you like to eat potatoes, red potatoes are preferred as loaded with fiber, B vitamin, iron and potassium.




RaisinRaisins | Avoid in diabetes is a dried fruit or grape contains 299 calories per 100g. It is not suitable for diabetic patient as contains high GI index which can cause sugar spikes and increase blood sugar level. Dried fruits are more concentrated and dense in sugar which increase their glycemic index values.





Fruit JuicesFruit Juice | Avoid in diabetes

Fruit Juices are good in vitamins and contain 54 calories per 100g. Although they are rich in mineral and antioxidants, lacks in fibers. Main reason is, can’t be good for diabetes that they are rich in sugar which increase the GI index.






Palm Oil

PaPalm Oil | Avoid in diabeteslm oil is an edible vegetable oil contains 884 calories per 100g. This oil is not considered good for diabetes because of high saturated fats contents. As above explained, saturated is inciting factor for cholesterol and ultimately heart problem. If you have diabetes, you are at high risk of heart disease.







Soft And Energy Drinks

Cold Drinks | Avoid in diabetesSoft or energy drinks are not good options to drink while diabetes. They are worst type of drinks for diabetes as they increase the weight. People who are overweight have to avoid them compare to those with the healthy weight.

Cutting of soda and energy drinks are best to get rid of your diabetic symptoms.





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