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10 Yoga Poses to Help Reduce Stress and Tension

Yoga- means to relax your mind and keep your body fit both inside or outside. It is an ancient technique and has been using for many years. It is said that “Yoga provides us tools and techniques to lead a stress free and tension free life. It will make you more resilient when your aggression due to stress, choked you in different ways.

Stress Yoga

Yoga promotes relaxing process in our body so remember that it is not a competition. When you do yoga, feel it calmly and don not push your body in case to feel good. There should be no rush while practicing yoga as it is very calm process and requires time. Here are different poses of yoga which you can try to reduce your stress level.



Sukhasana is very easy pose and has lots of benefits in addition to promoting inner calm of the body. It is cross legged position, most of time Buddhism prefers this position for sitting.

Stress Yoga















This aasana can be performed as long as you are comfortable but should take precaution if you are suffered from disc problem or have knees or hips injuries. Over time, this aasana will be processing the calm and peace in your mind and mind will help to relax your aggression and tension.


This aasana is known as the seated forward bend that helps to reduce your stress and make your mind peaceful. In this aasana if you have back pain or injury and you are pregnant then it must not to do. Furthermore, this aasana has many others benefits like improve the digestion, appetite and reduce the fatigue or obesity.

Stress Yoga
















This aasana is named from Sanskrit word “Garuda” that is eagle so of called eagle aasana or pose. In this aasana your main focus will be on one point that is very helpful to maintain your mind activities. You will feel stretching in your legs muscles or joints and arms. Do not prefer if you have pain in arm or legs and in pregnancy, you need to seek advice from your doctor before doing this pose.

Garudasana Pose, Stress Yoga











This aasana is called forward bending pose and provides strength to your knees and thighs.Precaution should be taken if you have injury in your back and have problem of glaucoma. This aasana will help you to reduce your stress , anxiety and calm your mind. Also, menopause and menstrual problems can be alleviated by this pose.

Stress Yoga



















This is also known as cat pose name. This pose is very easy to perform and help you to remain calm and stress free. This aasana has advantages to improve the posture and flexibility along with good blood circulation throughout the body.

Marjaryasan, Stress Yoga















This aasana is known as cow pose as derived from word Bitila which means “cow” and has similar advantages like Marjaryasana. The flexibility remains in your spine while stretches the chest and neck. Precaution should be taken if you consider pain in your neck.

Stress Yoga














Here the Bala means child so of it is called child resting pose or aasana. Balasana has different benefits like relaxation in lower back and neck pain, stellar improvement in your stress and tension, ease the level of anxiety and also calm your mind during your daily workout period. If we talk about precaution, one must not to do during diarrhea because of pressure that direct emphasizes on stomach while performing this aasana and also take care if you are high blood pressure patients.

Stress yoga












It is known as head to knee forward bend pose and also will help you to reduce your stress level by making you calm and relax. Once you do to practice this on regular basis, all your problem related to your mind such as headache, anxiety, tension and high blood pressure will tend to reduce over time. In case of knee and back pain or injury, try to avoid it as a precautions.

Janusirsasana, Stress Yoga










Setu Bandha Sarvangasana

This aasana is known as bridge pose because of word “Setu’ that comes from “Sanskrit”. As like above others aasana, it will also alleviate the level of stress, anxiety and depressions. Digestion will be ease at some extent along with stretching your back and abdominal muscles. Now let’s talk about precautions so seek advice from doctors or yoga experts in case of pregnancy and avoid this pose if you have neck or back pain.

Bridge-Pose, Stress yoga










This corpse pose is about to relaxing your body from head to toe with minimum 5-6 minutes. The best thing of this aasana is that you don’t need to check precautions or bother about taking care during yoga practice as it is very easy relaxing pose. It can be performed by everyone or even pregnant women also avail the benefits of this aasana by relaxing her body.

savasana, Stress Yoga


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