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Yoga for Diabetes Cure

Diabetes and Yoga

Diabetes is chronic metabolic illness which affects your insulin level by increasing glucose or sugar in the blood. this chronic illness can occur to anybody with many risk factors. No doubts, we are human beings and have lots of responsibilities. Everyday we go for ours responsibilities without caring ourselves and sometimes feel stressful life.

We don’t get time for regular exercise or activity as we are busy in our daily’s life. But health is important part of our life, often we waste lots of money on our health. There is no wealth without health. Today, most of people are suffered from diabetes. For those with diabetes or prediabetes, need to do regular exercises with their others healthy lifestyle changes.

Yoga is a powerful word that increase your physical ,mental and spiritual disciplines. It is dynamic expression of life that helps you to get rid of all tiredness of daily life. Yoga is ancient practice which has been found helpful to lower cholesterol, your blood pressure and balance your hormone levels.

Why Yoga

Yoga is known from ancient time and originated in India. Not for diabetes but it is also helpful for a healthy life.

Regular practice of yoga will make you more powerful from mind and relive from all your stress, tension and hectic problems.

If you do regular yoga for diabetes, your insulin sensitivity will increase and glucose or sugar level will decrease in the blood.

Obesity is main cause of Diabetes while yoga helps to reduce your unnecessary weight.

Heart problem, stroke  and kidney problem are long term complications of diabetes while Yoga is strong remedy for all theses complications as it maintains blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels.

Stress is also cause of diabetes while yoga will keep you happy, calm and peace.  Few minutes of meditation act as an excellent stress buster for both body and mind.

Here you’ll find different asanas and positions for diabetes cure. So just take a deep breath and let’s make your life more blissful. 

Type of yoga poses for beginner

First you need to warm up your body and start with holding each yoga pose for at-least 5 seconds. once you comfortable with all poses, you can increase the duration.

Kapal Bhati (Breathing)

First to sit on padmasana and keep your spine straight then slightly close your eyes. Now inhale properly until your lungs get full of air. During inhale take a long breath while exhale forcefully.


This will help you to lose weight, blood circulation, energize your nervous system, increase immunity power, bone strength and also treat cancer.





Dhanurasana (bow pose)

This pose looks like the shape of dhanu so called Dhanurasana.

Dhanu pose is best yoga pose for diabetic patients as it strengthen our pancreas and abdominal muscle. It also reduces the belly fat but those who suffer from back problem like spinal cord or disc should not perform it.

Supta Matsyendrasana

Supta Matasyendrasana

It is laying down body twist pose. This should be performed in empty stomach. It is helpful in internal organ and improves digestion.

Paschimottanasana (Seated forward bend)


This pose will strengthen the back and improve postures. It will tone your abdominal and pelvic organ plus your shoulders.



Ardhya Matsyendrasana (Sitting half spinal twist)

This pose will provide a relief to your spine and improve the oxygen supply to your lungs. After doing this pose, you will feel calm and relax.  It will also increase the blood flow to spine.

Bhujangasana (cobra pose)


It is back bending yoga pose and reflects the posture of cobra. It is useful for arms and shoulders, spine and improves digestive system.

Halasana (plough pose)


It is plow pose and helpful in obesity, stomach disorder, constipation, menstrual and blood pressure. Plough pose will reduce your belly and body fat and helps to improve your memory problem.
Those persons who are suffered from high blood pressure, neck problem and pregnant women should not try this.


Shavasana (Corpse pose)


This is final resting pose. In this pose take your body in meditative state and relax. It helps to reduce anxiety and blood pressure.

All these yoga poses are helpful in diabetes but before get start make sure to take advice from doctors. Also performed these yoga poses in empty stomach or early morning.

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