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10 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes


10 Foods to Avoid with DiabetesThe pastry is dough of flour and contains 551 calories per 100g. You should know that these are highly processed sweets and contain trans fats. They are not good for the diabetic person as containing high saturated fat and added sugar which can increase the level of sugar in the blood. So next time, try to avoid them or if you are the lover of them, then make healthy pastry with less carb, gluten free and no added sugar at home.


Pig Ferret

10 Foods to Avoid with Diabetes

Pig Ferret is known as Bacon and contains 541 calories per 100g. Bacon is meat from the back and sides of a pig, eaten fried in thin slices or sandwich. It is very high in calories and less in dietary fibers which are not digestible for the diabetic person. In addition, fatty and marbled pieces or slices of meat contain the massive amount of saturated fats and will increase the inflammation and side effects on your body while diabetic person already traveled from heart and kidney disease.

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