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Thyroid Goiter

Thyroid Goiter

Thyroid goiter is a disorder related to thyroid problem which occurs during the accumulation of thyroid hormones around the neck in form of mass. This causes the thyroid gland to become enlarged in size and that structured is called a Goiter. The accumulated mass compresses the windpipe and swallowing tube and causes the leading symptoms such as coughing, the problem in breathing during the walking time and also an unusual feeling that food is stuck in the upper throat.

Causes of Thyroid Goiter

Thyroid Goiter is associated with different factors of causes such as age, autoimmune factors, and less iodine intake or iodine deficiency.

Over age 35, the chances of Goiter happens due to lifestyle changes or maybe reduction of iodine in the diet. Goiter is also caused by an autoimmune disease in which the body’s own cells destroy their cells and leads to inflammation in the thyroid gland or expand the thyroid gland. The major causes of thyroid goiter are the low intake of iodine in food or diet and this can happen at any age. There are also other factors are responsible for Goiter but not very common such as smoking, hormonal changes, and high uptake of iodine is also responsible. Both hyperthyroidism and hypothyroidism increase the chances of thyroid goiter as of high or low production of thyroid hormones and Graves disease.

Types of thyroid Goiter

There are three types of thyroid Goiter depend upon different causes.

Toxic Goiter

It is a type of toxic nodule and contains one or more nodules to becomes enlarge. Toxic Goiter is also known as multinodular Goiter. In starting, it is simple Goiter which gets converted into a toxic one.


Non-toxic Goiter or Sporadic doesn’t affect the production of thyroid hormones and occurs with unknown causes. It is noted that some of the medications can increase the symptoms of non-toxic Goiter. Lithium is considered as the cause of non-toxic Goiter, where lithium is used for mood disorder in bipolar disorder.

Colloid Goiter (Endemic)

This type of Goiter occurs due to lack of iodine or iodine deficiency and so-called colloid goiter.

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