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Weight Loss: How to lose Weight

Weight Loss: Reasons and tips

Weight loss is our life’s most irritated fraction as we all want to reduce it. Some people are blessed with the slim body and eat whatever they want to eat because they are not going to be fatty and trust me they are very lucky. Weight doesn’t sound good when it comes to giving you lots of diseases or problems such as obesity, diabetes, heart problem, thyroid, and arthritis. They all are the dangerous disease which can be life threatening at some point. Life is precious and we all want to spend it calmly and peacefully.

Weight loss

Our weight increases when we eat more and do less workout and this is a very common reason but with this, there are also other reasons that will encourage your weight such as thyroid, and stress. Everyone wishes for weight loss but you can reduce it easily if you understand the reason for fat accumulation in your body. 

When we eat triglycerides which are fats, they get to break down in our bloodstream. Fats are very crucial for our body as they provide energy to our body but when? Especially when you do some working activity like running, jogging or walking etc. But if you don’t do any physical activity, these fats continuously remain deposits in form of layers. Physical activity requires energy and you would not feel weakness in your body as you will be getting energy from your stored fat in the body but when you are just eating and not using your fats then these fat layered deposits on fat cells which are just under the skin. After continuous accumulation of fats under the skin, more mass is formed which are fats and the reason for weight gain.

Weight Loss Tips 

Here am going to tell you some worthful tips that will not only help you with weight loss but also keep you healthy. They will definitely help you if you follow them strictly. Before going forward, just keep in mind one thing about weight loss that there is two type of fats in our body- Visceral and Subcutaneous.

  1. Visceral: This type of fats deposit around your organs and difficult to reduce. 
  2. Subcutaneous: This type of fats deposits under your skin in the form of soft mass and they can be reduced with healthy diets, lifestyle changes, and workouts.

In this blog, am going to tell you about subcutaneous fat and how to control or reduce it. For this achievement you have to follow some tips that are here provided:

Get Early in the Morning for Weight Loss

Morning is the best start of our day and we wake up with new hopes. For the persons who work late in the office, obviously, find difficulty as 6 to 7 hrs. sleep is either an important aspect of our healthy life. But if you don’t find a solution towards this, make sure to do yoga, exercises, and gym to remain fit on regular basis.

Once you wake up early, drink 2-3 glass of lukewarm water (you can add one lemon in one glass of the water if suitable) to excrete the toxins of your body that have been gained during the night. You can also add acai berry juice but make sure that you are not acidic from your stomach as acai berry is a high antioxidant, releases toxins from our body and also help for weight loss. This is the first thing you have to do when you wake up.

Your Physical Activity for Weight Loss

Physical activity is imperative for your body whether you are eating a healthy balanced diet or not. After following the first above given step, just consume very light diet like one banana with 5-6 almonds(for good nutrition, soak almonds overnight)or you can take one bowl of papaya in empty stomach. Lightly intake will help you to provide energy during your physical activity but make sure you don’t have to eat too much while you have to do exercise or yoga after 15-20 min. of your first intake.

Start your exercise, yoga and walking or jogging, whichever is suitable for you along with 15-20 min. Physical activity increases the blood circulations and you will feel energetic all over the day. 

Breakfast Time

Once you finish your physical activity, take some rest and cook your protein-rich breakfast. The important part of breakfast timing is that you have to eat your breakfast before 9:00 clock.  Your breakfast should be like a king, you can take juices and protein shakes as well. After 2 hrs of breakfast (11 am), you should take some lightly foods or fruits such as apple, pears, guava, and berries etc and at 1 pm take salad before you go for your lunch meal. This will help you to make your metabolism stronger and faster. And remember, if you have strong metabolism your weight will be automatically maintained.

Lunch Time

When you have your lunch, you have many options that you can eat and make sure to finish your lunch before 2 pm. Many people think rice is the real culprit of the fatty body but this a myth. It depends upon when you eat or how you eat it. Your body also needs carbohydrates and this you can get from rice. The best time to eat rice is in the afternoon meal as you have a half day to digest it. You have a full day to grab the good amount of nutrition, minerals protein, and vitamins. It is not a good idea for weight loss to skip one time or two times of your meal because when you do you will skip your one-time of nutrition value that is required for your body. 

Snacks Time

Take your snacks at 4 or before 5 pm. In snacks, there are many options but you have to take which has nutritional value and zero trans fatty content. Avoid trans fat as it is very inferior fat and mainly present in oily or fatty foods. You don’t need to do dieting only consider one thing, whatever you eat for a whole day just eat in small portion but eat more time.

Night Meal for Weight Loss

Now, this is about the night meal but before going for this just imagine how much you ate in a whole day. I think that was enough and you almost completed your daily calories and nutritional values. So no meal for the night…wait… wait-just joking but how much do you need for a night? When it comes to night always consider that you have to eat boiled vegetables or daal. In the whole day, we have lots of time for our calories burning but at night you will not get time for your calories burning so always eat very light foods at night.

Dinner should be like a beggar not heavy or spiced because spices or junk foods get film on sides of the wall of your stomach and you will get beautiful love handles which are very annoyed to reduce. But if you cut your heavy or spiced diet from your night meal you will cut your love handles for sure.

Weight loss

Follow this diet routine and you will feel healthy and happy also you will see the result in your weight. When you want weight loss make sure to lose your weight in a proper way and not always consider dieting. Dieting means you will see the result very fast but the “happened loss” to your body will be seen later and that will be unlikely to fulfill. Weight always wants time to reduce so be calm and have patience. Just do your best and always eat best on time.

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